WMS Battersea

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new venture for Wandsworth Mediation Service as we set up a sister office in East Battersea. 

We have received a grant from the Battersea Power Station Foundation, which invests in community-based organisations, such as WMS, who work to create lasting improvements in the lives of people and neighbourhoods in Wandsworth.  This will enable us to establish a new mediation service near the Power Station development.  

East Battersea neighbours the new Nine Elms development, which is the largest historic building project even undertaken in the UK. This prime, central London location has attracted billions of pounds of private sector investment and an area-wide regeneration plan that’ is transforming the area on an extraordinary scale.

WMS is excited about an opportunity of expansion in bringing reconciliation and peaceful relations to the communities of East Battersea. Our sister mediation service will focus on the communities of the Patmore, Savona and Carey Gardens Estates, which are opposite the development. We are keen to continue to encourage healthy and peaceful relationships between new residents and the already established neighbourhoods.

These three Estates, which are part of the Queenstown Ward, are densely populated. Many of the homes are overcrowded and therefore children, teenagers and young people spill out onto the streets in the attempt to find space. Unfortunately due to the lack of resources and facilities in the area there are regular concerns about noise disturbance, neighbour disagreements and anti-social behaviour. This area has a noticeably higher crime rate than other neighbouring Estates. Local residents have concerns about public transport on and off the Estates, the potential of increased traffic and lack of parking restrictions, access to health care and a lack of social facilities. The professionals in the area are committed to seeing change in people’s lives and the community and yet face many struggles.

Wandsworth Mediation Service is passionate about bridging gaps between those in conflict. We believe that mediation can restore relationships, resolve conflict and help people strive towards better future. With the support of our highly trained, experienced and committed mediators, as well as our tailor-made training programmes, we can support and equip the neighbourhoods with transferable skills that can help strengthen relationships. We desire to understand the challenges and the opportunities for the communities, encourage healthy discussions within them and between them, and support collaborative partnerships in those areas.

We are very excited to introduce our new service manager for WMS Battersea, Jennie, who will be developing local networks in East Battersea, and we plan to run a course to train up local leaders and community members as mediators to mediate between people who live and work in these communities. We also plan to run a peer mediation course in local schools, to equip the younger members of the community with skills for life.

More about the work of BPS Foundation to make sure existing neighbourhoods flourish as Battersea Power station is regenerated can be found on their website:  bpsfoundation.org.uk

If you have a local interest, or any comments or suggestions we’d love to hear from you.


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