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Free 'Conflict Support' workshops for Battersea residents.

Wandsworth Mediation Service will be running free 'Conflict Support' workshops in October-November. The workshops are aimed at Battersea residents who are currently experiencing a conflict situation, giving them the chance to explore it with trained mediators in a confidential and compassionate environment and learn:
- In the moment support to regain emotional control,
- Conflict resolution approaches.

Default responses to conflict and how to overcome them

Do you shout when faced with a conflict? Or go numb and can’t say a word? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are, you’ve been outside of your window of tolerance. Here are some tips on how to regain control over your emotions when you are faced with a disagreement.


Using I-statements to transform conflict situations

“Did you forget to put your rubbish in the wheelie bin?! Foxes got to it, and it’s all over the communal area!”

Your dinner party yesterday kept me awake again! Keep your noise down!”

Top 5 conflict styles and resolution strategies

If you want to approach someone about a conflict, you need to think about how the other person will respond to the initial contact. We all have different reactions to tense conversations: some people shut down, some go into attack mode. Here are the 5 most common conflict styles, with tips on how best to manage them. 


Navigating tough conversations

Your neighbours are causing a nuisance but you’re putting off that difficult conversation because you hate confrontation..? How do you tell them about the problem without escalating the conflict? Here are some tips:

Elder Mediation



Elder mediation

As people grow older, families may need to discuss issues relating to caregiving, finances or capabilities. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, these discussions can sometimes become emotionally charged, leading to misunderstandings and crumbling relations. Wandsworth Mediation Service (WMS) supports families in conflict by offering free inter-generational mediation to older members of the family and those who care for and about them.

How can mediation help in lockdown?

Dear Mediators, Friends & Partner Organisations,

We hope that this lockdown newsletter finds you keeping well in this second lockdown due to COVID-19.

There has been a huge increase in demand for our service since the start of COVID-19 outbreak.  Enquiries about neighbour disputes have more than doubled. This will increase as we face the impact of economic difficulties, meaning that people are unable to move and will be based at home to work or after redundancy. Neighbours are finding noise and shared spaces sources of stress and conflict. Housing conditions continue to be challenging, with members of different generations living under one roof. Families face hardship and disagreements about how they live together respectfully and harmoniously. There is more divorce and separation with disputes between parents over contact with children. Mediation has never been more crucial to support our communities.

Postponing our Conflict Skills workshops

We have postponed our 6 free Good Neighbours and Talking Families workshops in Southfields to the autumn.

15 September:  Rebuilding relationships: how to restore relationships with the people around you.

22 September: Managing your emotions: how to keep your mind and body well during stressful times.

29 September: Improving your listening  skills.

6 October:  Expressing yourself: understanding and expressing your needs and feelings so that others can understand you.

Mediating Post Office Horizon cases

Our commercial arm has been appointed to manage the mediation process for the Post Office Limited in relation to its recently-announced Historical Shortfall Scheme. 

Our commercial case manager, Selina Roberts said, "We understand the power of mediation whether in a community or commercial setting, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to help all the parties involved in these cases to find a constructive way forward and resolution of their disputes."