How does Community Mediation work?

The Community Mediation process typically involves the following steps:


You may be referred to us by your landlord, or signposted by a community organisation, or you can contact us directly.

We will contact you to check you are willing to be involved in mediation and to outline how mediation works. We will also contact the other party.

We select 2 of our trained mediators who have the appropriate skill set and experience for your case.

First Visit

Once both parties have agreed to take part in the mediation process, a first meeting can take place either at your home, or at our offices near Clapham Junction Station, or at a local venue such as a café.

Each person involved in the dispute will sit down individually with the mediators.

The mediators will explain how the mediation process works. They will also listen to each party explain about the conflict and their view of the dispute and ask some questions relating to this. They will also help you clarify how you would like it to be in the future.
If both parties agree to try mediation then we will arrange a joint meeting, usually at our offices near Clapham Junction Station.

Mediation meeting

The mediation meeting will either be held in one room (a round table) or in separate rooms (a shuttle mediation) if parties are not willing to meet in person.

The meeting is run according to some basic ground rules which the mediators will explain clearly at the start.

Each person will then have a chance to talk about the problem as it affects him or her. The mediators will then help both parties identify the issues that need to be sorted out and this often leads to solutions being suggested by the parties. The mediators will help you work out how these may work in practice.

The solutions can form an agreement which is usually written down, and signed by both parties and the mediators. The agreement is not legally binding and does not affect legal rights, but is made in good faith between both individuals with the hope that things will change going forward.

If you would have any questions about mediation, the process or would like to refer a case, please call our office team on 0207 223 7744 or send us a message via our contact form.