Workplace Mediation

What is Workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is a constructive process that facilitates a resolution of workplace disputes with a view to retrieving or preserving working relationships.

Many problems in the workplace can escalate unnecessarily and create stress, personal unhappiness and absence from work, which also directly impacts colleagues and the organisation as a whole.

Mediation is most effective early on, before formal grievance or disciplinary procedures are started.  It is a confidential process, which means that anything discussed or agreed cannot be used in any formal grievance or disciplinary procedures, or in any legal process. This means that the parties can be honest, exchange views in a safe space, and work out an agreement between themselves with the assistance of the mediators.

Who are our workplace dispute mediators?

We have a small dedicated team of accredited workplace mediators. Their background and skills are diverse and include experience of legal practice, the public sector experience and trade union negotiation and advocacy.

How does workplace mediation work?

Each case is different but broadly these are the following steps:

  • You may be referred to us by your HR department, your manager or you may come to us yourself.
  • After an initial discussion with you, and if you are willing to go ahead we will contact the colleague with whom you are in dispute.
  • We may also need to speak confidentially to your HR department, for example, to find out a bit more about your organisation.
  • If both of you agree to mediate we will talk to both of you on the telephone in confidence before we meet.
  • We will arrange a venue (our offices are near Clapham Junction) or we can come to your workplace if you would prefer.
  • At the mediation there will normally be one mediator who will hold a short joint introductory session with both of you together, and then meet with each of you privately.
  • You will have the chance to explain what the problems are, first to your colleague present and then in private to the mediator. This is a chance to say how you feel, explain how the situation is affecting you and to explore the main issues. The mediator will facilitate the discussion, clarify issues, and above all listen to your thoughts and feelings. The mediator will also help you both identify any common interests. If both parties are willing, you can then proceed to a further joint session where you can exchange views with the aim of reaching an understanding and an agreement as to the way forward.

Agreements reached during workplace mediation are not intended to be legally binding, but are meant to be observed as a matter of good faith.

If you have any questions about workplace mediation or if you are considering it, please do contact our office team on 020 7223 7744 or send us a message via our contact form.

Where we have mediated

We have conducted workplace mediations in one of the largest inner city London boroughs, in several of the London NHS Clinical commissioning groups, in government Departments, the scientific research sector, in charities and in schools.